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TurnKey Internet has proven over the years a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, network reliability, and the quality of our hosting services. TurnKey Internet is a verified and proud member of the New York Better Business Bureau showing our commitment to quality of service, reliability and customer care.

Web Hosting is as much about performance as it is about trust - TurnKey Internet has been a leader in the industry for 10+ Years offering a wide range of web hosting platforms to choose from, including the most popular Linux cPanel based hosting to the Microsoft Windows based hosting.

Thier web hosting plans now feature all new SSD disk systems, with 24+ CPU cores per server, and Gigabit network speeds - for blazing fast performance to host your web sites and applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more! TurnKey Internet's Hosting Solutions leverage their enterprise-class infrastructure and award-winning staff to take care of your online business needs.

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TurnKey Reviews

5 By Mai Thao on November 18, 2016
The best Cloud service here in the US. You can't go wrong with their 1Gb port, pricing, and quality servers. My husbands sites have been online without any lag or disconnections. I recommend their Cloud vps services.

5 By Mohammad Rayhan Chowdhury on August 27, 2016
Excellent stuff. I have used VPS service. And the customer service is perfect.

5 By Matthew Strowbridge on August 25, 2016
Turnkey Internet has exceeded all of my expectations in regards to their quality of service, customer support, and most definitely the value of their products and services. I don't know how they can offer such affordable services. If I were located just a little bit closer to their facility I would be trying to join the team. — Matthew Strowbridge

4 By Ed Barnat on August 11, 2016
WIsh this review could be longer. Shared hosting for the experianced only. Prices are great but support not so much. They try but they use American based labor (right here in Latham) and really cant spend the time with total noobs that places that use off shore labor might. I am now also using their VPS cloud servers and not only are the prices good but support has been absolutely GREAT. Can't recommend them strongly enough.

5 By Heidi von Liebenstein on August 11, 2016
#Love #turnkeyinternet I have been using them for some time, and they are personable to me, and my projects. It is great to call and not only get a live voice, but a voice that I recognize from talking to before. They are knowledgeable and their staff stays with them which also speaks highly of their training and their ethics.

5 By Milind Desai on July 31, 2016
Excellent Pricing & Excellent Technical Support. Always got my queries sorted within an hour.

5 By Joe Schoonbeck on July 29, 2016
Excellent support, competitive pricing, and instant provisioning!

5 By Stuart Ryan on July 28, 2016
Outstanding service, solid as a rock, great value, highly recommended! I have been with TK for four and a half years and have had great experiences all around. Just signed up for another box with them, looking forward to another four years. I have had shared hosting, and dedicated hosting with them. I could not more highly recommend them. Their staff are wonderful, helpful, professional and courteous. They are also knowledgable and all around a great bunch to work with from personal, to small business to enterprise.